Monday, January 9, 2012

The Amstrad PCW PCW9256

The PCW computer series by Amstrad may not be as well known as the CPC one among retro gamers, but was incredibly popular with professionals in need of a cheap, word-processing dedicated machine. The PCW9256, in particular, a model released in 1991 and sporting a 3.5" drive instead of the more traditional (for Amstrad) 3", was more than competent when it came to writing and printing documents, and even sported a new, elegant, all-in-one design.

You can even grab a fully working one via this Amstrad PCW 9256 auction. The rather obscure micro comes complete with an appropriately vintage dot-matrix printer and the seller ships worldwide. Oh, and for those wondering, the machine could indeed run both CP/M and Locoscript.

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