Monday, November 21, 2011

Nintendo 64DD & N64 with Games

As far as N64 auctions go this amazing Nintendo 64DD bundle is one of the best I've recently seen and one of the few of its sort available worldwide. You will be bidding on a N64 console, its 64DD add-on that was only released in Japan, eight 64DD games (!), a mouse and a controller. The thing works fine and apparently so does its software. Lovely really.


  1. Ah yes - the old Nintendo 64DD. A lovely thing to possess if you can get hold of one, although it was a bit of a massive waste og time and money. It's like Nintendo had a flashback to the Famicom days. Carts are expensive to make, floppy discs are cheap! That strategy might have worked in the early 80s, but not in the 90s when Sony & Sega were going with compact discs for a fraction of the manufacturing cost of creating your own proprietary magneto-Optcal discs and drive. I think all of the nine available games went on to be normal cartridge releases anyway.

    Besides which, it was all very late in the day. The N64 was released in 96 or so, and the N64DD didn't come out until 99. By which time everyone was waiting for the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 or the Gamecube.

    Still, the N64DD does have ONE thing in it's favour. It doesn't make your 64 bit console look like a toilet. Yes, Atari Jaguar, I'm talking about you.

  2. Added to that and also unlike the Jaguar CD it does actually work!

    Oh, and once again thanks a ton for the extra information. Deeply appreciated!